Here are some of my skills (can't remember all of them..)

TLDR; I can do all the stages of a web product development, from planning, programming, verification, packaging, releasing, configuring infrastructure, monitoring, scalability, availability, compliance, security, services, InnerSourcing, integration and maintenance.. hmm Ok, this is getting a bit long. ♨ Check the table for an overview of the skillset. ▲ Spoiler alert: I work with containers everywhere.. even this site is running under a container, and was coded inside a container.. yup, containers are the way to go 👍

Area Skills
Backend Node.js (ExpressJS, Strongloop, Restify, Hapi...) Serverless (JavaScript @ Lambda), MongoDB, RabbitMQ
Cloud Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform
AWS CloudFront, Lambda, Lambda@Edge, S3, Route53, IAM, EC2, EKS, DynamoDB, SQS ELBs Load Balancers,..
Devops Kubernetes Operations, Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning and Deployment, Docker Swarm, DNS, SSL, CI/CD Pipelines
Front-end Angular6, VueJS, Backbone, MarionetteJS, React, RxJS, within others.
JS Paradigms Imperative, Declarative (Functional Programming), Reactive Programming
Web Progressive Web Apps, Mobile Web optimised pages,, SEO
APM NewRelic
GIT Git Hooks, Bare clones, PRs, GitFlow, GitHub..
Container Analysis and Forensics Sysdig, K8s Metrics Server API
CI/CD Drone, Jenkins
Database NoSQL: MongoDBCloud, MLab, Big Data (250GB+), MongoDB performance queries, indexing, complex aggregations
Linux Bash Scripting and Networking for DevOps/Assistive Tasks, Pipes, SSH
Engineering UML Diagrams (State, Sequence)
Domain, DNS GoDaddy, SimpleDns
Hosting Hostinger, Heroku, DigitalOcean