TLDR; I can do all stages of a web product development, from planning, programming, verification, packaging, releasing, configuring infrastructure, monitoring, scalability, availability, compliance, security, services, InnerSourcing, integration and maintenance..

Subject Skills
Backend Node.js (ExpressJS, Strongloop, Restify, Hapi...), PM2 Process Manager
Cloud Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean
AWS CloudFront, APIGateway, Signing Endpoints on APIGateway, IAM Authorizations, Cognito, Lambda, Lambda@Edge, S3, Route53, IAM, EC2, EKS, DynamoDB, ELBs Load Balancers,..
Devops Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning and Deployment, Docker Swarm, DNS, SSL, CI/CD Pipelines, Helm for K8s ,Kubernetes Operations
Serverless AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge (via JavaScript), Serverless Framework, Static Lambda HTML Pages
Front-end Angular 7, Service Workers, VueJS, Backbone, MarionetteJS, React > 16, Gatsby, RxJS, MustacheJS, WebPack, Grunt, Gulp, MaterializeCSS, Progressive Web Apps, Mobile Web optimised pages,, SEO, within others..
JS Paradigms Imperative, Declarative (Functional Programming), Reactive Programming
APM NewRelic
GIT Git Hooks, Bare clones, PRs, GitFlow, GitHub, BitBucket..
Linux Bash Scripting and Networking for DevOps/Assistive Tasks, Pipes, SSH
Message Queues FIFO Queues, ALOD Queues, RabbitMQ, AMQPCloud (managed RabbitMQ), AWS SQS
Payment Gateways PayPal, Buckaroo
Test Frameworks Protractor, Jest
Query Languages GraphQL, REST, SQL
Infrastructure Telemetry and Forensics Sysdig, K8s Metrics Server API
CI/CD Drone (container based), Jenkins
Database NoSQL: MongoDBCloud, MLab, Big Data (250GB+), MongoDB performance queries, indexing, complex aggregations, MongoDB bare-metal, MLab, MongoDBAtlas, Studio3T
BigData Large collections 250GB+, Performance queries, indexing, complex aggregations, backups, migrations, updates, full backup estrategies
Engineering UML Diagrams (State, Sequence, Class), FR's, NFR's Sheets
Domain, DNS GoDaddy, SimpleDns, Route53
Hosting Hostinger, Heroku, DigitalOcean, S3
Logging Rsyslog (distributed log processing), LogEntries
Documentation Swagger
Languages TypeScript, JSX, JavaScript, Python, Bash
Web Server, Reverse Proxy NGiNX, LightTPD
Networking Reverse Proxies, SSL Certificates Installation and Renewal, DNS Configurations (A, CNAMES, etc), K8s Services (via NodePort and more advanced configs)
Mail and Marketting Mailchimp
Docker Supervisor Process Manager, Dumb Init, Custom Images
Security Tokens management, CORS Policies, Origin Whitelisting/Blacklisting, Requests Limiters, K8s ConfigMaps, Environment Variables for secrets, Secrets offuscation, Password rotation policicies, Public registry package inspection (eg. NPM)

Spoiler alert: I work with containers everywhere.. even this site is running under a container, and was coded inside a container.. yup, containers are the way to go 👍