FsBTech Sportsbook and Casinos business

Up to 40 Online casino and sportsbook betting web desktop and mobile platforms around the globe (4 continents).

Bannerwise Online advertisement business

Modern and easy HTML5 banner generation, deployment and optimization with a/b realtime versioning control.

CodeRecipes - pet pet

At find a variety of useful snippets, scripts and recipes to use on your daily web development scenarios, covering both simple and advanced use-cases.

Workflow - pet pet

At workflow you can easily manage your daily work flow as a developer.

InteliFinance - pet pet

Easy but powerful automated expenses prediction an management tool.

Pocket - deprecated pet Super simple and fast mobile oriented file storage system (using direct upload to AWS S3 Buckets from the frontend)

HutBot - deprecated pet Simple gym classes open slot checker with instant email notification for booking classes